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We keep things simple and straightforward by speaking your language and not “Accountant”. Our real-time on-demand accounting system puts business metrics in front of you so you can make clear decisions from smart accounting data.

Financial Analytics

We may be virtual, but we are a solid part of your team. We’ll be your financial guru and sounding board to help you understand what is happening to your books and business. You will get straight facts on your money situation to form good decisions.

Smart Dynamics

We provide you with a full accounting department capability without the overhead. We can dynamically adjust your support team based on your growth and adapt to your needs.  Our goal is to provide you the right sized team with the right data to support you.

Listen to What Our Clients Have to Say

We are a specialty law firm dedicating our resources and energies to our client representation. We found MiklosCPA and the unique 21st century system for our accounting and financial needs. We have the support from our MiklosCPA team who streamlines our expense reporting and solves our tax matters. Harry Safarian

Safarian Firm APC

MiklosCPA makes running our organization’s accounting as simple as one-two-three! The Onboarding process was fast and easy. Our MiklosCPA accounting team is now an integral part of our Warrior Built. We get easily understandable, accurate and real-time financial reporting. Thank you! Nick Hamm

Warrior Built

Tax Calendar

Everything you need and nothing you don’t.


April 2, 2018. All businesses.

Electronically file those information returns listed under Feb. 28 above (e.g., Form 1099s, Form W-2s, etc.). (Feb. 28 is the due date for non-electronic filers.)

Aprilar 17, 2018. C corporations.

File a 2017 calendar year income tax return (Form 1120), and pay any tax still due. If you want an automatic 6-month extension, file Form 7004 and deposit what you estimate you owe.

Aprilar 17, 2018. Corporations.

Calendar year corporations must deposit the first installment of estimated income tax for 2018.


June 15, 2018. All businesses.

Calendar year corporation must deposit the second installment of estimated income tax for 2018.



July 31, 2018. All businesses.

If you maintain an employee benefit plan, such as a pension, profit-sharing, or stock bonus plan, file Form 5500 or Form 5500-EZ for calendar year 2017. If you use a fiscal year as your plan year, file the form by the last day of the seventh month after the plan year ends.

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